The Museum of Sex in New York

A Peek Inside the Museum of Sex in the Big Apple

The Museum of Sex on New York, also known as MoSex.

New York City is a hub of museums, each showcasing various aspects of human history and culture. But nestled in the lively streets of Manhattan, there’s a museum that takes a daring and cheeky plunge into the world of human desire and sexuality – the Museum of Sex.

Located in the heart of the Big Apple, the Museum of Sex, often lovingly abbreviated as MoSex, is an intriguing establishment that challenges conventional perceptions and invites visitors to explore the many facets of human sexuality in an open, educational, and often playful way.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Walking into the Museum of Sex is like entering a realm where inhibitions are left at the door. The vibe is all about embracing our most primal instincts and understanding the fascinating history and evolution of human sexuality.

The museum showcases an array of exhibitions that explore sexuality through art, history, science, and culture. From ancient artifacts to contemporary artworks, you’ll find a wide range of exhibits that leave little to the imagination.

The Exhibitions

Museum of Sex, New York

One of the highlights of the museum is the ever-changing array of exhibitions. Some might make you blush, while others might make you laugh. One thing is for sure: you won’t leave without learning something new.

Sex Among the Lotus is an exhibition that delves into the sensual art of Asia. It provides a glimpse into how different cultures have historically viewed and celebrated sex and sexuality through art and artifacts.

The Sex Lives of Animals is an eye-opening exhibit that explores the fascinating world of animal courtship and mating rituals. It’s surprising, educational, and often hilarious.

Artistic and Interactive Displays

Art is an integral part of the Museum of Sex experience. The museum frequently hosts exhibitions that showcase contemporary artists and their unique take on sexuality. These exhibitions often challenge societal norms and provoke thought and discussion.

Moreover, the museum isn’t just about passively looking at exhibits. It’s about engaging with them. Interactive displays and installations are scattered throughout, encouraging visitors to actively participate and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Let’s Talk About You

MoSex isn’t just about showcasing the sexuality of others; it’s also about empowering visitors to embrace their own sexuality and preferences. The museum encourages open dialogue and provides a safe space for discussions surrounding intimacy, relationships, and personal experiences.

Workshops, talks, and events are regularly organized, covering a range of topics from consent and communication to various aspects of sexual health. It’s a platform for learning, growing, and understanding oneself and others better.

The Museum Shop

No visit to a museum is complete without a trip to the gift shop. The Museum of Sex’s shop is as quirky and fun as the exhibits themselves. You can find everything from tasteful books and art prints to cheeky souvenirs and adult novelties.

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or a memento of your visit, you’re bound to find something that will bring a smile to your face.


The Museum of Sex in New York City is an adventurous exploration into the realm of human sexuality. It challenges societal norms, celebrates diversity, and offers a safe and educational space for visitors to engage with this fundamental aspect of human life.

So, if you’re ever in the Big Apple and you’re feeling a bit daring, why not pay a visit to MoSex? It’s an experience that’s sure to stimulate your mind and, well, perhaps a few other things too!

The Museum of Sex is located at 233 Fifth Avenue (@ 27th Street), New York.

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