“Lifestyle” Jewelry

Not for Everyone!

Sometimes a pineapple is just a pineapple. But other times, it may be an indication of someone’s sexual proclivities.

It turns out that many people in the swinger community have adopted an upside-down pineapple as a kind of secret code to show their interests. And now you can advertise your lifestyle, courtesy of Amazon.com!

  • Get a Complete Set – Upgrade your style with our dainty pineapple earrings and necklace set. Add a pop of colour to your outfits with our jewellery.
  • 100% Safe for Everyday Wear – Our jewellery is made of beautiful pineapple that are 100% hypoallergenic and eco-conscious. Each piece is safe to use by those with sensitive skin.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight – Our small but cute earrings and crystal necklace are lightweight. Wear them for hours while you’re outdoors or when you’re travelling, and still be able to move freely.
  • Matches and Outfit – Upgrade your style and pair this adorable pineapple ornament set with any casual or formal wear. Our jewellery can match nicely with both pretty sundresses and jeans.

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