Let’s Talk Dirty

So, for those of you that may not know, I have traveled down many paths. One of which has been as a phone sex operator. Before you come down with a case of the vapors let me assure you I have no regrets, I am not ashamed, nor would I change it for anything! 

Now, my time as a PSO taught me more than you could possibly imagine, about myself and men.  We will discuss those things but today, today we will discuss uttering the words that will drop him to his knees and make him crawl home to you.

Now, as someone that actually made money making men orgasm for me with just my voice, I am going to be honest and tell you it isn’t as easy as many would tell you. Here’s the thing… it’s an art of sorts, and you also have to be able to tell very quickly what the person wants. Now here is the difference between what I did and what you will do with your one person. I dealt with the masses and you will have one person. This one person is someone you already know and care about, so let’s jump in!

Everyone always assumes (and you know what happens when you assume right?) that talking dirty or phone sex is vulgar words or crazy moaning and sucking sounds. I have to tell you that was possibly 1% of my clients. So, I hope that gives you some perspective. First, consider your style, who you are, and are you trying something new and what will you be comfortable with? 

Now I am actually going to give you ideas and things to say. That’s right, pro tips from a pro! 

Shy, quiet type: This is said in a whisper, close to the ear. Now when I say whisper I mean low tone, not so low he can’t hear you! When you say it I want you to be feeling your inner sexy. This is about what you want to say and how you feel! 

Baby? I want to tell you something… (Insert your thoughts here)

Possible thoughts: I love the way you slide your tongue down my stomach, your hands feel so good on the inside of my thighs, I love the way you grab my hair and tug it when you kiss me, watching you when you go down on me makes me hotter etc.

Now for the braver female: A growl whisper, whisper, direct eye contact: Baby (any term of endearment you want) – I need you to slide your tongue over my nipple and tug at it with your teeth, leave little marks on me so I don’t miss you so much when you are gone, I need your cock inside of me, I love how you react to my touch.

Now by all means you can ask to be bent over like the letter n and fucked like an angry rabbit as well, but I was trying to show you that talking dirty isn’t about the words you use but the way you say them. After all the years I have put in I can assure you that many men, most men, just want to know you want them in the same way they want you. Look, he is there so he wants you, be free and let your inner sex kitten or demon tiger go wild!

I am sure it can be embarrassing at first, awkward and a little intimidating but you can practice by yourself. Sexting to start then moving forward once you see his positive reaction. You may feel really uncomfortable at first but you have to have a few private minutes alone to practice. This is something that can really add to your sex life and give you that little spark you might be looking for.

Also, not to leave the men out, women like dirty talk too but please ask what words are triggering! Not all women want to be in the deep space and be called a slut or whore. You need to run that by them first guys! Your partner may require a different kind of talk. 

As always keep it wet and sticky my friends,



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