Looking for more ways to improve your sex life?

Books educate, inspire, and enhance communication for better sex lives. They provide knowledge on anatomy, health, and intimacy. Erotic literature stimulates fantasies. Technique books offer guidance for new experiences. Sexual wellness books promote self-exploration. Relationship books strengthen connections.

Here are some recommendations from our staff!

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Barbara the Slut and Other People

Stories exploring a generation's sexual mores

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Coping with Erectile Dysfunction

A proven program for restoring intimacy

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Honey, from Hygge Games

A great way to learn about your partner

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Making Love Real

The intelligent couple's guide to intimacy

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My Secret Garden - Women's Sexual Fantasies

Exploring female sexuality through intimate fantasies

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Sex Weird-O-Pedia

The Ultimate Book of Shocking, Scandalous, and Incredibly Bizarre Sex Facts

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Sexual Intelligence

What we really want from sex - and how to get it!

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The Art of Loving

The classic work on love in all its forms

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The Myth of Sex Addiction

Debunking the junk science behind the 'diagnosis'

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